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 We’re a group of lifelong pals with a shared passion for helping people create their dream homes.
After years in real estate, we realized that buying the right home was only the first step  -
people also needed a way to handle everything home ownership might throw at them, from the joyous to the rage-blackout-inducing.
Thus, iBex Home Warranty was born. Championed by Hoofer, our furry, indestructible mascot and consigliere of all things goatee, and built upon principles of offering a simpler plan, better communication, and more coverage, we provide the easiest and most comprehensive home warranty anywhere.


Chad Holmes

Being a homeowner means eventually dealing with something that has gone south - overexcited appliances, rebellious heating & air conditioning systems, or that antique garage door that your great-great grandpappy brought over from the old country.
Whatever it is, it’s only a matter of time till it tries to kick the bucket.
Sure, you could try to fix it yourself.
But ... why?
Why put yourself through the headache, backache, and heartache of all that when you could just cover your house with an iBex Home Warranty?
Yeah ... we can’t think of a good reason, either.

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