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     NUCCA  Chiropractic  Physician

 Dr Clint J. Grover, a NUCCA Chiropractic Physician, specializes in helping people with headaches and migraines.


Clint J. Grover, dc

Dr. Clint J Grover, Chiropractic Physician, has been practicing upper cervical chiropractic since graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College in 2010. He specializes in helping people with headaches and migraines. He also has very good success with neck pain, back pain, and extremities. Chiropractic helps balance the nervous system so the brain to body signals are strong and keep you feeling great!

He uses NUCCA, a very gentle adjustment with no twisting, popping, or cracking.  His patients love the caring, unique approach he takes.

 Dr. Grover feels very strongly that everyone should be able to have  their spine checked, and that the nervous system needs the proper care for it to be able to take care of you. "The power that made the body, heals the body!"



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