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     Naturopathic  and  Chinese  Medicine

 Dr. Allison Brumley, ND, MAc is a Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine family physician specializing in true healing and wellness.


Allison Brumley, ND, MAc

Welcome to a healthcare system designed for you.
I know that healthcare can be challenging and that the current model of conventional medicine isn’t working for many people. Here at Aspire Integrative Medicine, each person is looked at as an individual.  My goal is to get to the underlying cause of your illness. This model works to improve every condition. Some conditions take longer than others to show a noticeable improvement, and treatment plans need to be reassessed at regular intervals. Over and over, I've seen that when given what it needs, your body is able to heal itself and function well.

As a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist I follow a functional medicine model. I am able to take the time to really listen to you and explain the disease process and ideal steps for healing as I help guide you through your healing process with compassion, respect, and professional care. Here, you are in charge of your health. This isn’t always an easy task but the benefits are huge.



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