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Raw Bliss Wonder is dedicated to helping women find their inner strength and confidence.


"Kris recently spoke at our chamber of commerce event.  She shares her story of courage and personal struggle in a genuine way.  She then pulls lessons from her personal challenges to help others overcome their trials.  She has a passion for helping others to improve their lives through inspiration and strength. "
-  Julie C.


Kris Rudarmel

Did you know that, in over 81% of cases, your attorney won't collect ALL the Critical information you need about your house ?
That missing information could cost you thousands of dollars, months or even years after the divorce is final!

With over 40 years of experience and as the first Realtor in Utah to earn the Real Estate Collaboration Specialist-Divorce designation, Diana is uniquely qualified to help people with all of their real estate needs before, during and after a divorce. Diana is the expert you can trust with your most valuable asset.  She will guide you through the process of gathering all the critical information.  Then, she will organize and prepare it to help your attorney negotiate a better settlement and prevent the possible dangerous pitfalls regarding the distribution of assets from the house and other real estate.

Whether you want to keep the house or plan to sell it  ...  do yourself a favor and  hire the expert!

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