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25 years of education, training and experience as a:
    Relationship and Communication Guru, Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher


Kristena Eden

 From Your Deepest Pain
    Emerges Your Greatest Self!

    Are you struggling in your marriage?
    Are you unhappy with your relationships?
    Are you struggling to relate to or teach your children?
    Do you juggle a career, marriage, and family?
    Do you wish to find more peace and balance in your life?
    Do you feel like you are of no value, or that your relationship is not worth the work?
    Do you want to reconnect with your loved ones?
    Are you headed for divorce?
    Do you know someone that has suicidal thoughts?
    Is this your Second Marriage?
    Is there too much drama at work?
    Is there a need for more Employee Engagement?
    Are you just plain bored and feel disconnected in your life?
    Do you feel that communication is lacking?


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