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Utah Divorce Coaching & Consulting, LLC is Utah's premiere divorce coaching and consulting firm.
Our mission is to provide individual, personal support for those experiencing divorce.
We help people become empowered, confident, and clear about their path forward before, during, and after divorce.


Jennifer  NeelEy

Jennifer L. Neeley is a divorce coach and divorce lawyer with Utah Divorce Coaching & Consulting and the law firm Neeley & Neeley.
She offers three levels of flexible, professional services to meet your needs.

Traditional attorney representation in family law is where you, the client, will pay a (typically) significant retainer fee and hand the planning and strategy almost entirely over to the lawyer.  A lawyer representing you in this capacity will enter his or her appearance in any cases that are filed and all communication is handled through counsel.
This may be the best option if  . . .

● You wish to eliminate as much as possible the burden and stress of planning and handling a divorce;
● There are significant assets and there is a low probability of an agreement or out-of-court resolution;
● Time is of the essence and there is an urgent need for alimony and/or child support;
● Your case involves domestic violence and/or you are afraid of your spouse or the other parent.
● You are in need of alimony and/or child support and you do not have access to information regarding your spouse's income or overall financial situation.
● Communication has completely broken down.

If you aren't certain whether traditional attorney representation is the right option for you and/or you are seeking legal advice about your situation, you are welcome to schedule a free, 45-Minute, no-obligation, initial consultation with attorney Jennifer L. Neeley.

Legal Consulting is another option.
Be confident and empowered to make your own decisions at Utah Divorce Coaching & Consulting.
Legal consulting may be right for you if . . .

● You wish to avoid expensive lawyers and are prepared to represent yourself
● You wish to be educated about the divorce or legal parentage process and receive insight on how the system works and what to expect when you file a divorce or legal parentage case in Utah.
● You wish to avoid expensive detours and unnecessary frolics in your divorce proceeding;

Jennifer L. Neeley is a traditional divorce lawyer with 13 years' experience litigating family law cases throughout the Wasatch Front. You may view her schedule and availability online and schedule a free, 45-Minute, no-obligation, initial consultation with her to help you decide.



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