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As a financial advisor and wealth manager at Morgan Stanley, I deliver personalized attention and collaboration with clients who are are either beginning the process of separation, going through the process of divorce or recently finalized a divorce to help them navigate the muddy waters of retirement and goals based planning.


Tamara Taylor

  As a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, I work specifically in total wealth management with an emphasis on retirement strategizing

I tailor my process and style to high net worth families, business owners, recently divorced and women to game plan and optimize their wealth portfolios and know how to restructure their plans when life deems it necessary.

Utilizing Morgan Stanley’s proprietary technology and the vast amount of resources of Morgan Stanley, I formulate and execute appropriate wealth management plans tailored to your risk tolerance and current market conditions. As those needs change and progress, I vigorously work for my clients to ensure we are making appropriate and timely changes needed to keep you on pace with your family and retirement goals which will give you the peace of mind to stay focused on taking on the next stage in your life with confidence and a clear game plan.



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