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We ensure that your assets (including property, accounts, insurance and retirement proceeds and business interests) will be managed by the people YOU choose and how YOU direct if you die or become disabled.
We specialize in Wills, Trusts & Business Planning.


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 Especially during or after a divorce, it is important a clear legal plan is in place (for those you love the most) if something happens to you.

We create a legal plan that allows YOU to specify who will manage your assets, life insurance or retirement proceeds, and business interests when you die.
These plans allow YOU to control when and how your children, spouse or other loved ones will receive your assets upon your death and allows these assets to be protected for the ones you love.
We also focus on making sure your legal plan protects YOU if you become incapacitated by specifying WHO can make financial and medical decisions on your behalf.

Typical services Sundance Law provides:
•    Specialized Trusts:
If you have life insurance or retirement benefits that you want to go to minor kids, we can create trusts that allows those assets to be managed by the person YOU designate (not your ex spouse) until the time your kids are old enough to manage the assets themselves;
•    Inheritance for Blended Families:
If you are in a marriage but have children from a previous relationship, we can discuss options for providing for a current spouse but not accidentally disinheriting your children;   
•    Protecting Minor Children:
Updating guardianship designations and providing caregivers with the ability to get medical treatment for your child if you are out of town.
•    Power of Attorney:
We put documents in place where you can designate who will make financial and healthcare decisions if you are incapacitated;
•    Asset Protection:
We can create trusts that allow the assets you pass down to your children or other loved ones to be protected from their creditor, lawsuits, or divorcing spouses; and
•    Business Protection:
We can discuss putting an asset protection plan for your business.

We partner with you to create a legal plan that protects you, your family and business and provides them with security and peace of mind.


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