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 I specialize in the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.


barbara Fenton
Independent Health Insurance Broker

Barbara has over 11 years of experience in being a health insurance broker. There have been many changes in healthcare over the years and to stay on top of things, she has always dedicated her time to specializing in just health insurance. Whether you are looking for options in Medicare or within the Affordable Care Act, she will walk you through the process from start to finish explaining all of your options for health insurance. She will discuss your needs for health insurance so you can choose the best option for you. In addition, her services are extended to you throughout the year to assist you with making any changes, filing an appeal, reconciling claims, keeping you up to date on the changes to healthcare, renewing your plan, or for any other questions or concerns that you may have. She will be with you every step of the way assisting you as much or as little as you feel you need. She looks forward to meeting you.


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