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Vocational Experts of Utah can help determine spousal earning capacity to aide in your mediation or divorce proceedings for alimony calculation.
We are licensed Vocational Counselors specifically trained to help you understand your estimated earning capacity based on what type of work is suitable, labor marker demands and other factors such as age or disability.


Noreen Roeca

Most couples going through a Divorce want a settlement that is reasonable and fair. When it comes to spousal earning capacity it can be difficult to understand what each party is able to earn and how that factors into Alimony payments. An earning capacity evaluation is used to determine an individual’s ability to work and to determine what wages a given occupation commands for that individual based on their transferable skills and any barriers to employment. A forensic earning capacity evaluation goes beyond what aggregate labor market data might indicate and provides particular attention to the individual in question.

    Based on the assessment and labor market data, the vocational expert will determine what jobs, if any, an under-employed spouse can perform, as well as what these jobs pay in the local labor market. The salaries for the open jobs are compared to the average earnings for the jobs in the spouse’s geographical area as reported by federal and state government wage surveys.

    We at Vocational Experts of Utah are Licensed Vocational Counselors with a combined 30 plus years of experience in comprehensive assessment to determine employability. We have helped many couples achieve an alimony settlement that is reasonable and fair.


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