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M. Don Forbush is a Certified Estate Advisor and owns MDF Estate Planning Services, Inc.
MDF specializes in protecting people's assets from most of life's perils, i.e. Lawsuits, Liens, Creditors, Probate, Etc.
Don consults with property owners to determine their vulnerability and the best way for them to hold title to precious assets so the assets are out of harm's way.


M. Don Forbush

MDF Estate Planning prides itself on making sure its clients assets are owned in the most protective way possible, allowing them the use of, control over and benefit from those assets without the assets being subject to their various liabilities.
Most of MDF clients ask, "Why doesn't everyone have this type of Estate Planning?"
Good question. Answer: Not everyone is willing to spend 45 minutes to learn about the best solution to their personal and very complex Estate Planning Problems.

Estate Planing is not just determining where your stuff goes after you die.
It is more about making sure the assets stay yours while you're living.

Don began his business career in Life Insurance in 1976 after leaving a Truck Driving job while going to school. 15 years in the insurance business opened up to 8 years in Securities and then 4 in Real Estate.
In 2000 Don became heavily involved in Estate Planning because none of his Insurance, Securities or Real Estate Clients had their Estate Planning done and he understood just how vulnerable they were.

Don does things a bit differently than most advisors who concentrate on Revocable Living Trusts.
He believes a Trust should begin to protect people's assets immediately rather than just after they die.
He specializes in Irrevocable Trusts which actually remove assets out of his clients liability exposure yet keeps them in control.
He is happy to offer a complimentary introduction to Estate Planning either in his office or the clients home to see if his type of planning fits their needs.


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