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 We give people access to attorneys for pennies a day, through an App on their phone.
 We are also the ONLY company that provides complete Identity Theft Restoration!!


George Wilkinson

With over 18 years experience with LegalShield, George Wilkinson can provide access to attorneys for pennies a day!! With the legal system broken & out of control, most people can't afford to have access to learn what their rights are. LegalShield itself, has been around for over 4 decades providing access to Attorneys for average people, without the high hourly cost.

It's as simple as tapping an App on your phone to be connected with an attorney within 8 business hours, in the area of Law you need.

As people go through the divorce process, they need to know what is Legal. This service gives them the opportunity to have access to make sure that what they think is logical is in fact also Legal. Most people rely on Logical advice from family & friends or even other attorneys that don't specialize in the area of law they need help with.

With a 4.9 star rating on Consumer Affairs, you can be assured through our members testimonials, that LegalShield is the best way to have access to top Law Firms, NATIONWIDE!!


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