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We have purposely developed this website not only to be useful and helpful, but also to lift the spirits, encourage a smile and maybe even prompt a chuckle.  We understand, in times like this, those qualities may be difficult to find and connect with.  Creating the site this way is a reflection of our intent to be helpful in more ways than just those that are obvious.  Every effort has been made to carefully balance the professional standards of the resources here, seasoned with a little fun.  So, if at times the pictures don't seem quite a fit to the topic of the page, understand that it's intentionally mood enhancing, not necessarily strictly "on task".  We found meaning in the selection of each image; perhaps you can too.

The, launched in late April 2017, now represents the culmination of more than three year’s worth of work including special training, significant research, many conversations and consultations with experts, much planning and, of course, the site development and expansion. As far as we know and have been able to determine, it is the only site of it’s kind, dedicated specifically to consolidate in one place the range of professional services needed to help and protect those who are struggling through the many events and challenges that plague a divorce process, before, during and after.

We have been through this agonizing process, far less prepared than we hope visitors to this site will be. We have included, and will continue to add, professionals with a variety of skills specific to the obvious needs.  Others will have talents and exprerience relevant for some less obvious needs, yet offer potentially helpful and supportive services. While we have made every effort to anticipate those needs, some may be missing.  We encourage feedback from you to help us maintain and effectively build the network to meet all those needs for you.

The website is designed and thoughtfully developed to be easy to navigate, enabling you to quickly find all the information you need.   It’s a Free service, Not a commercial enterprise, part of a dedicated community outreach program, structured with a recognition of the need for both confidentiality and anonymity. There are options for you to merely browse, to request information, ask questions and offer feedback, or make direct contact (including map locations for most members of the Network), intended to accomodate the comfort levels of everyone who visits.

Our efforts in this endeavor are Dedicated to all those who have already been through, those who are now going through, and those who will yet go throught this struggle.
Our hope is that the detailed contact information here will provide not only much needed help but also some stress relief.
May you find success and a measure of peace.

Welcome the The NETWORK !